The Most Popular and Delicious Japanese Foods

All tourists who visit Japan should try their most popular and delicious delicacies. Some of you might already have some idea what these foods are. If it is your first time to visit Japan, this article will be your guide of what food you should taste first. It is important to prepare extra budget especially if you are food lover. One of the most popular Japanese foods is the sushi. It is a colorful food presentation as well as different flavors and tastes that attracts customers.

Another popular food in Japan is tempura. If you love eating shrimps, this food is for you. Sukiyaki is also one of the most popular Japanese foods. There is meat, noodles, vegetables and broth or soup in a bowl. Ramen too is very popular in Japan. It differs in different countries. Anyway, Japanese ramen is one of the best. Adding rice to your meal is the best. Asian people seem not to be able to survive without eating rice see this sitelink So, curry rice is the best order.

If you are meat lover, never miss Tonkatsu which is also one of the most popular food in Japan. Noodles is also for everyone who love eating noodles. The Japanese soba is the best choice. Another healthy food for you to order in any restaurant is the Udon. Japanese foods are very popular not only in Japan. These foods include karaage, yakitori, yakiniku, sashimi, robatayaki, shabushabu, gyutanyaki, kaiseki ryori, gyudon, chankonabe, motsunabe, and onigiri. All are found in this restaurant 開幕酒會會議茶會點心盤. Try all of these Japanese dishes.