Know the Different Kinds of Asian Noodles

Noodles is one of the foods which most people love eating whether it is fried noodles or with soup. In Asia, noodles is very popular. And in today’s article, you will know the different kinds of noodles in Asia. For tourists, you must never miss having a taste of the most delicious Asian noodles. One of the Asian noodles is the rice noodles which is thin, flat, and white in color. It is usually used in cooking Thai noodle menu. Some toppings include chicken or beef meat.

Another type of Asian noodle is the odun noodles which is wide and thick. Chicken broth and shrimps are usually added to this Japanese noodles. It can also be a used for fried noodle recipe. Korean noodles too are many such as kalguksu and kongguksu. One of the Korean noodles, potato noodles, are used for the japchae or fried noodles. Another Japanese noodle is the soba noodles. It appears to be thin, round, and brown in color when it is cooked. Try these Asian noodles. Know all the more about this bridal.  Jasmine bridal dresses comes with the great sense of creativity in tailoring a wedding dress. So comfortable and nice to wear, look at the link above.

If winter or autumn comes, these noodles are perfect to eat especially if you cook a stew and add some of these noodles. Fried noodles too are so delicious. These noodles are available in different countries since there are also foreign recipes being cooked in different restaurants. For example, if you go to Japan, you can see Korean restaurants in there and vice versa. If you are from Thailand, you don’t have to worry because you can still eat your favorite rice noodles.