Ramen Rules

One of the common food that you can have if you are rushing and want to have some is noodles. There are many types of noodles and there are also the instant ones that you can just add water or cooked in boiling water for just two minutes. There are those that are served without water and others with water as soup. There have been various versions around the world and you can have also the different flavors of beef, seafood, chicken and the spicy and not spicy one.

But there is also the trademark of Japan that is the Ramen. The noodles are made of wheat and it could have many different ingredients with it when cooked. It is usually served with soy sauce or the miso soup. It can have the ingredients of green onion, egg, pork, and seaweed. This could have similarity in some neighboring countries but they also have their own distinct flavor. Many have liked the ramen and said it is the most delicious and satisfying one they had tasted.

You can have a rice as a side dish to ramen. If you are one that only eats a small portion, you may want to check first how large is the bowl. Many that are very excited to eat the meal but they end up not finishing it as they cannot. In other restaurants serving Japanese food in other countries, they may use the instant noodle type and not the wheat flour but the volume is also big.